Day 5

Day 5
Shap to Lower Whitley
102 miles

An evening of ‘Iceland’ food in a local bar with a few ales and a good nights sleep was a good way of refueling the lads all ready for day 5 of John O’Groats to Lands End.

The four cyclists missed out on the full cooked breakfast on a morning and had to settle for tea and toast, whilst Mark (support driver) devoured his an hour later. However the Northerner came to the rescue when he delivered bacon sandwiches to the lads at the first checkpoint, 23 miles away in the middle of a random field.

The level of humour and conversation is starting to decline, the lads giggling at little things, even resorting to communicating with sheep and cows down country roads. Whilst Scott has put one headphone in to listen to some background music and start a cycling sing-a-long.

Lewis is constantly stocking his bike pouch with a selection of sweets from jelly beans to fizzy cola bottles, these are his secret weapon as he powers on through, but has still been nicknamed “Captain Slow” by his fellow cyclists.

Jay took another tumble, this time falling off his bike on a busy road. He is fine, however he did “throw his toys out the pram” and enjoyed a little tantrum in front of the oncoming traffic. Five minutes later head cleared and off he pedalled to catch the rest of the ‘train’.

By ‘train’ I mean the cycling style where the lads all stay in a close line and benefit off the aerodynamics from the leader, I swear they are not just stopping off at stations down the country.

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Also feel free to comment on this post and suggest topics of conversation for the lads to talk about on their next long ride ahead.

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