Day 4

Day 4
Sanquhar to Shap
102 miles

None of us wanted to leave the Rigg House Bed and Breakfast this morning, not because the lads were dreading the 102 miles ahead, but because we didn’t want to leave the lovely manager Jenny.

Jenny was an absolute superstar, from greeting us all with a hot cup of tea in front of a roaring fire, to getting up earlier than us and making a delicious full Scottish breakfast (same as English but also includes Haggis).

Thanks Jenny, you certainly gave us all a boost and kept the lads going on what is a real trek across country.

Once again the first 25 miles were covered in a decent pace, thanks mainly to a lot of it being downhill. The meeting place was at Dunscore where the sandwich choice of the day was chocolate spread.

Not sure who, but someone mentioned the P word and ofcousrse jinxed Wes as he suffered a punctured tyre twice (second time was only ½ mile away from finish), but like a pro, quickly got it sorted.

Lewis nearly took a tumble in to some bushes on the side of the road but managed to recover his balance. However Jay was not so fortunate, catching his foot on the path, falling backwards and sending his bike forwards, he is fine and managed to laugh it off and carry on.

Lunchtime at Gretna started on a sour note after Lewis had rejected Jays marriage proposal but they made up over a couple of plates of chips and soon enough everyone was smiling as they crossed over the border in to England, all chanting Ennnng-gerrrr-landddd.

Aches and pains are starting to creep in, requests for Deep Heat spray and lip balm were added to the shopping list but the lads are going strong and heading for Shap, one of the highest places in the country.

So please do continue to support them, share this blog and please donate if you can.

Jay, Lewis, Scott, Wes

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