Day 7

Day 7
Leominster to Shepton Mallet

After a hard days cycling, all you want is a nice bit of food, a shower and a comfortable bed to sleep in, especially after 6 days in a row of tough cycling.

Checking in to the YHA Leominster Youth Hostel we all got a bit of a surprise when moving things in to our rooms… we were to stay the night in bunk beds!

As soon as we saw the rooms we all burst out laughing, trying to imagine how on Earth we were going to climb the ladders with aching muscles and even fit in to what looks like a bed made for a 12-year-old.

The rooms themselves were tiny, if you wanted to grab something out of your bag is what like a game of Tetris moving the other objects and your mates.

In such a tired state, this comedy sketch gave everyone a boost and a new story to talk about. Once we were actually in bed it was fine.

Up early again, this time having to make our own breakfast with limited facilities and our own shopping, Lord Day was not amused.

Checkpoint one at Dymock done, checkpoint two at Paganhill done, all by 11:35am, the lads were flying.

Settling for Tesco meal deal sandwiches, the group knew that they had a tougher challenge ahead with the map showing plenty of hills on the second part of the route.

So after a tasty sandwich, the lads applied the gooch cream ready to go to tackle the climb.

At the third and final stops, you could tell that Scott, Wes, Lewis and James were all knackered, the hills were proving difficult opposition and the lads felt like they were constantly going up, but they stuck together and pulled through.

In to the weekend now and only TWO days left to go, please continue to support them and if at all possible please sponsor at:

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