Day 8

Day 8
Shepton Mallet to Bridestowe

The penultimate day, finish line is almost in sight.

Mentally the lads reckon that this is one of the toughest days, if they can make it through this one then they have enough left in them to finish on Sunday (7th September).

Today was all about food. Keeping the boys fuelled and happy was important. Incentives at each checkpoint would pull them up the steep and narrow country roads through the hills of Devonshire.

Breakfast consisted of 6p-11p reduced pastries, which Lewis had raided the Co-op store for the previous night.

We stayed at the Middleton B & B in Shepton Mallet and it didn’t quite feel like you were staying at a guesthouse, rather that you were visiting a distant relative.

An improvement on the bed situation, but Lord Jay was confused by the toilet and summoned Scott to “sort it ouuuut”.

After some serious posing for pictures the four cyclists set off again, cautious of what was ahead but determined and once again they were flying through the miles.

Checkpoint one, hot bacon sandwiches and cups of tea were ready and waiting outside the ‘One Stop Shop’ in Curry Rivel. It was a quick one stop and off they went again.

Checkpoint two, Devonshire cream tea’s, plus beef sandwiches and jacket potatoes helped perk up the mood considerably in the lovely village of Broadhembury.

By lunch time the sun was really starting to break out, which helped the viewing of picturesque villages on the ride. (Ask the lads to see their t –shirt tans upon their return).

Checkpoint three, freshly made Devon pies would stock the lads up for the final leg of the day. (Though best not to mention legs as all the lads are aching that much they have asked for new ones).

Lewis, James, Wes and Scott all arrived in to Bridestow around 5:30pm and were all in a really good mood, they enjoyed the challenge and are going from strength to strength.

One more day of cycling and the lads will be done, Lands End is in sight.

P.S it is Saturday night, spare a thought for the lads and the charity Mencap they are doing this for. If possible can you do without one drink and donate the money to their page….. If it’s price of a pint in Lewis’ bar that would be £4.20 please (I know, shocking)

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