Day 6

Day 6
Lower Whitley to Leominster
90 miles

We left the ‘Happy Guest Lodge’ in Lower Whitley as happy guests, mainly because we afforded ourselves a lie-in this morning, a whopping extra 30mins in bed and 6am alarm made all the difference.

Following a brief examination of the route plan, off the lads cycled, feeling confident about the day ahead as it was shorter than normal, only 90 miles.

The first stop was located on some country lane cross-roads passed Norbury Meres lake, when the lads arrived they were all smiling and had actually enjoyed the first section, strong pace and no major hills.

Next up was the lunch-time break in Shrewsbury, 50 miles already done by midday.

The meeting place was the Steam Wagon pub, although we were all terrorized by some wasps (attracted to the high-viz lycra) the hot baguettes went down well and as the sun was shining, we were all tempted to stop there for the day and chill out with few pints in the beer garden, but off we went.

Not quite the same landmarks as we passed in Scotland, but the big, expensive country homes of Cheshire and Shropshire made for good viewing. The constant farmyard smell wasn’t too pleasant, that is added with Jay letting rip the whole journey so far.

The third stop in Tinkerlton was in the ‘abandoned’ village hall. The boys are a bit sick of eating the same sweet stuff, so a selection of savoury goods was on offer to set them up for the last stretch.

90 miles done and we arrived in to Leominster YHA Youth Hostel and all burst out laughing when entering our rooms. Tune in tomorrow to find out why……

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