Day 2

Day 2
Culbokie to Crianlarich
127 miles

A good nights sleep, a half-decent breakfast, a bit of limbering up and the lads were off again.

Fortunately all four felt good and weren’t struggling with the previous days exploits, so on for round two, the longest individual day of the trip.

With the added miles came the added checkpoints, the lads needing to constantly rebuild their energy through Haribo sweets plus peanut butter and jam sandwiches, especially after conquering an almighty climb through the Highlands.

The journey took in some of Scotland’s most famous landmarks including Loch Ness, Fort William and Ben Nevis. All four agreed that the magnificent scenery is certainly helping them take their mind off tired legs and the views at the top were always worth the incline.

Lewis is dealing with a minor muscle strain in his right leg, whilst Wes is worried about having to wear an eye patch and adopting a pirates nickname as his eye is slightly infected.

Other than that all good.

P.S Jay has been branded with the name “Downhill Day” as he always insists on leading the pack down the hill, never up it!

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