the night before

“Hello mate, I’ve just bought a bike!”

“That’s great, we should go for a ride sometime next year”

“good idea, how about John o’Groats to Lands End…”

“you’re kidding!”


“go on then… let’s do it!!!”

I’m starting to regret having the above conversation. It was about 11 in the morning and we hadn’t even started drinking. Now it’s the night before we fly and the extent of what we’re about to begin is starting to hit home. Tonights conversation is more like this..

 “what time are we flying”

“has anyone spoken to Mark (our support driver) lately – does he know where he’s going”

“have you packed the cream to rub on your crotch”

“what exchange rate did you get for your Scottish Pounds”

So we are as prepared and ready as usual. Here goes. Next update from John O’Groats tomorrow evening.

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