Huacachina and Cuzco

So….after leaving the war zone that was Huaraz I made it to Huacachina in about 13hrs, which was pretty good seeing as I later found out that a Japànese couple had been trapped in their bus for 36hrs. With no loo…

Huacachina is a resort town in the middle of miles and miles of sand dunes. Normally I would hate the idea of spending a week in a resort with nothing to do but sunbathe by a pool in the middle of nowhere, but it was great. Quite a few of the guys I´d met in Huaraz turned up and so my days were spent chilling out during the day and drinking beer and playing ´shithead´in the evening.

After a few days I headed for Cuzco. It was 16hrs by bus so I paid for a VIP seat which was only $20 more. Money well spent. With fully reclining leather seats it was like traveling in business class. Only with the winding, bumpy roads, it was more like traveling in business class with permanent turbulence. I think i´ll just pay up and fly next time!

At the bus terminal in Cuzco I met Kristin and Priscilla and spent a couple of days with them. On the second day we were hunting around the agencies for an Inca Trail tour when they had a massive fight….over whose turn it was to pay for a 10p bottle of water. I stood there dumbstruck and amused for about 20 minutes before I quietly exited left and found another group to join up with. Its a four day trek that leaves on Thursday and will arrive at Machu Pichu on boxing day morning.

There won´t be internet on the trail so HAPPY CHRISTMAS everyone! Have a fabulous time. Speak to you next week xx

p.s Three books read this week. The Flying Scotsman by Graeme Obree (inspiring), The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (gripping) and To Kill A Mocking Bird (which made the previous two seem dull)

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